the vision

self·ISH...More than just a word. 


Our Why

We live in a society that focuses more on gaining success than inner peace. self·ISH was created to encourage women to make a shift and put self love first. Self love is not self·ISH. It is being Intentional, Spiritual, and Happy. (self·ISH) We have created a space for just that!

Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage women to focus on self care and know that it is #Okaytobeselfish.

We do this by providing resources and a safe space where like-minded women can grow, share, and connect, while being held accountable to practice self love and self care consistently.

We believe all women can experience happiness and inner peace when she creates a holistic self care practice.



the opportunity



A shift is happening in the world & you can’t deny it.

Everyone is realizing their connection to the Divine source & they are not afraid to do the work for deeper understanding & connection with self.

We have curated a self care community for women because self care and mental health are often ignored and have become secondary to life's responsibilities. You can only truly win when you’re right within. It’s an amazing thing when passion & purpose align.

The journey starts now, make the shift with us!


look who created self.ish

Meet the Founders.


Sumayya Holmes

Sumayya is committed to empowering professionals to build strong personal brands and stand out On and Off-line; ultimately taking control of their career path and success. She has worked in the recruitment industry for 5 years and is experienced in full cycle recruiting, human resources practices, talent marketing, sourcing, and sales. Additionally, as the owner of Talent Defined, LLC, Sumayya helps people find careers they love rather than just a job.

Sumayya is a firm believer that everyone has a purpose and the moment you tap into how your purpose, passion, values, and motivations align you will find serendipity. Through self·ISH, Sumayya hopes to empower women to create the life they love.

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jasmine headshot.jpg

Jasmine Lightning


Jasmine is an Atlanta native and self-proclaimed “fake nerd” who loves food and fashion. From a young age, Jasmine has always been very driven and focused on her professional goals. She has held a variety of professional roles including Senior Business Systems Analyst, Cloud Solutions Consultant, and now, Project Manager. Jasmine's personal philosophy is, "Work hard, consider suggestions, and, learn from the constructive criticism of people who support your dreams and goals”.

Jasmine's passion is helping others land their dream job within their dream career. This passion inspired her to start her own business, Lightning Clout, LLC.

Jasmine believes self·ISH will influence and empower women to be their best both inside and out.

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