30-Day Smoothie Challenge

30-Day Smoothie Challenge


Join us as we complete JJ’s 30- Day Smoothie Challenge for FREE!

The goal of JJ’s 30-Day Challenge is simple: to show you how to detox your body, lose weight permanently and achieve great health. On this program, you will enjoy fresh, delicious, healthy green smoothies and meals that will nourish every cell in your body so that you not only get slim, but healthy and vibrant as well. You will give your body the quality nutrition it needs while cleansing your cells and insides. Your skin will become brighter, your eyes will become whiter, your hair will get shinier, and your overall look will be more youthful and radiant.

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If you’re ready to live better and healthier, JJ’s 30-Day Challenge is for you! It will take patience, discipline, and the ability to overcome short-term temptations, but those temptations will diminish significantly after the first week on the program. We know how much strength and courage it takes to begin a new life and a new relationship with food.


• Lose up to 20 pounds in 30 days

• Detox while eating hot, healthy meals every day

• Increased energy and regain a second youth

• Reduced cravings for sugar, pastas and bread

• Better, more restful sleep

• Better digestion and less bloating leading to a slimmer waistline.

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